Go for Bermuda Cruise Vacations This Summer

After June’s up, you can leave your worries for the next school year behind for a while and give yourself a relaxing trip out of town. For families, this is the time for the parents to get away from work for a couple of weeks and spend the holidays together with the kids for fun and exciting activities. And for couples, summer is the perfect opportunity to explore new places together. Bermuda cruise vacations are just the thing that can make everyone’s summer fun, unforgettable and worth every penny.

If you come from the United States, taking a cruise ship instead of flying in to the archipelago will be better, especially if you have all the time in the world. And since it is summer, there should be plenty of time to have fun! Instead of taking a two-hour flight from a North America to Bermuda, spend two days aboard a cruise ship. You get to start on your vacation while still going to your destination! What’s even better, you don’t just sit or sleep through the duration of the trip. There are plenty of activities that a cruise ship can offer. They often have spa services, a gym equipped with exercise equipment, swimming pools for adults and children, a children’s play area, open decks for sight-seeing, snacks and bar counters, and a restaurant where you can have formal evening dinners. And at the end of each day you have a comfortable bed to sleep in, with a beautiful starry sky visible through your suite window.

Upon reaching Bermuda there is a lot to do and plenty of places to visit. This archipelago of 30-plus islands has a long, beautiful shoreline to explore. Beach enthusiasts will surely enjoy the pink sand beaches and rock formations along the numerous bays. There are many water activities to choose from; scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, and even water parks that allow swimming with dolphins.

Vacationers like to visit the wide golf courses in the main islands. These golf courses are among the largest ones in the world. What make the island even more beautiful are the greens that flourish throughout the archipelago. Plenty of the streets are lined with trees and greenery. Their botanical gardens in Paget are among their major attractions. Beautiful flowers and trees with pleasing scents perfume the air in this 35-acre park. Other must-visit places are the numerous forts built during the British occupation, and of course, the souvenir and arts-and-crafts shops. What is a cruise trip without a bit of shopping, right? There are also night markets where you can shop for clothes, souvenirs and other items duty-free.

Most Bermuda cruise vacations last for a total of seven days; some cruise trips have a minimum of five days and a maximum of nine days. This leaves vacationers with one to three days left to explore the mainland. This may not be enough time to visit all the beautiful locations within the archipelago, but surely whatever places you do get to visit will be very much worth every penny of the trip.

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