More Than Looks, Wooden Blinds Increase The Comfort Inside Your Home

Have you ever considered buying wooden blinds? Apart from being amazingly appealing, these coverings are guaranteed for some extraordinary functional characteristics. Each covering made of timber is able to guarantee high comfort standards through effectively reducing heat losses during winter, also diminishing noise pollution, as well functioning as solar reflecting panel during hot summers. Coming in either vertical or venetian design, wooden blinds are easy adaptable to various kinds of window frames, delivering in this manner maximum privacy. There are several important details regarding these coverings, certain characteristics regarding manufacture process, customizations and tips concerning aesthetic approaches, all these things deserve to be known by all possible customers in order to benefit from a comprehensive, convincing view on how profitable a timber made covering may prove.

As stated before, wooden blinds come in either vertical or venetian style. Vertical ones are provided with standard louvres of 89 mm or 127 mm while venetians come with either 25mm, 35mm or 50mm slats. In between you can also get some particular cases, such as mini blinds with extremely narrowed slats or a wider version of the normal venetian slat of 200mm up to 425mm width. This depends only on personal preferences and, of course, on general use. Blinds designed for industrial purposes will never match a residential interior.

In order to ensure flawless performance, manufacturers decided for a complete package of available customizations, created to optimize each item according to space particularities and various design approaches. All wooden blinds are provided in custom made sizes so to perfectly match each window frame. Control system is so attached either to be handled from one side of the headrail or from both sides. Installation can be performed using face fix or top fix brackets. Vertical wooden blinds can be enhanced with a stack system ready to glide louvres to left, to right or to gather them in the middle. All these details can be so managed to benefit from a perfectly functional window treatment, satisfying entirely customer expectations.

Manufacturers also provide colour coordinated pelmets, for both verticals and venetians, and matching tapes, only for venetians, all to allow a greater number of possible customizations. The natural beauty of wood is effectively complemented by adding these design adjutants. They can make complete the aesthetic unity of one room. Pelmets and tapes can match other pieces of furniture or even the floor. Timber offers so many decorating alternatives so it is a waste not to explore its potential at its best.

Beauty is for sure the number one quality impressing when dealing with wooden blinds. Behind the wonderful look you can also surprisingly discover some great functional traits. Having a timber made blind inside your home guarantees essential privacy, superior thermal standards, less noises and you can also buy it for a significantly discounted price. Just try it and you will not regret this for sure!

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