The Omnia 7 From Samsung

Samsung have launched their first handset running on the impressive Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. The Omnia 7 is a great handset that rivals the HTC 7 in terms of specification, whilst boasting a better quality display.

Looking at the handset for the first time, the unit is not dissimilar to many rival models, thank in part to the guidelines that all Windows 7 handsets have to adhere to. The screen dominate the front of the phone, with just enough room underneath for the “Home” button. Rather than making this key touch sensitive, Samsung have used a physical button, pushing the Omnia 7 alongside the iPhone in styling. The overall body measures 122.4 x 64.2 x 11mm and weighs just 138.2 grammes. The weight in particular stands out, being relatively light for a phone boasting a 4 inch display. Speaking of the display, the use of Super AMOLED technology has benefitted the phone in two instances.

In terms of size, the screen combining two panels into one allows the phone to achieve its slimline 11mm depth. With regards to picture quality, AMOLED produces vivid colours and also out performs other formats in sunlught, without placing to much strain on battery life. The battery itself is a 1500mAh affair which you can expect around 330 hours of standby time from and 6 hours 10 minutes talktime.

The actual Windows 7 interface on the Samsung Omnia 7 differs greatly from the Android and Apple formats we have become used to. Rather than placing icons across horizontally scrolling home screens, this new system is much more interactive. Areas of the phone are broken up into a series of colourful tiles named hubs. Asides from making the screen look superb, these hubs display information directly onto the homescreen such as photographs of friends and upcoming appointments. This makes it possible to glance at the phone to retrieve information rather than needing to access various icons. Multi media wise, the phone incorporates a good quality digital camera capable of capturing images at 5 mega pixels resolution. The video camera goes a step further and offers 720P high definition recording.

If you are new to the smartphone market, or you are looking for a change from the familiar operating systems, then the Samsung Omnia 7 is the handset for you with its great looks and impressive list of features. The handset is available now.

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